Patrons please note that the place being run as *“Hotel Toons”* is not the same as *“Cafe Toons”* which is a registered ™. Cafe Toons has not been operating since *12.01.2019* owing to illegal acts of several accused at the behest of the landlord, who are now being prosecuted for various offences which cannot be elaborated as the matter is sub- judice .

The Faces Behind Cafe Toons


Meet Rakesh. Seen strolling near the door, he carries no weapon but a smile that is strong enough to disarm the meanest thugs.


The Surveyor. Her eyes pan the Café like a lighthouse pans the sea. She misses nothing & knows all.


Fancy a fight? Try Mahesh. The large-hearted beast is often seen calming rowdy fans with his stare and some amiable ones with a giant bear hug.

Summer has its ways and so did the one of ‘96 when an arid day of March saw the Café take shape. We added tables that served grub & saw customers settle tabs over rounds of pool & internet bills. Add to this rock bands that played covers and a few numbers of their own.
Fast forward, a few years & the only alteration is the smell of fresh fries, chilled beer and LCDs beaming live sports coverage. To this day, the beer continues to flow, rock is still religion and the doors are always open.
Did we say a few years? Well we many.

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We Do Not...

Gigs, Games & Grand Prix - our calendars have more dates than cuss words on an AC-DC album. In case you thought these were the only three genres that find place on the itinerary, brace yourself for a lot of special edition dates & events.

The true test of Beer? It lingers until the morning after.
Live through something similar with some cool merchandise at the café. Shirts, mugs and calendars all customized and cut to carry the Toons flavor. So no matter where you are, Toons stays with you like the track in your head that played the night before.

What’s more? There’s more merchandise rolling out this soon, an entire range. It’s like the playlist – it keeps getting awesome. More details at the Bar.

We are located in the heart of town on MG Road in a complex called Wonderland (They kind of knew we were coming). With soccer cheers and rock tracks chanted like anthems, the basement is hard to miss & hear.

Toons - The Cafe Down Under
020 26136879, +91 9822057885
26, Wonderland Basement, 7 MG Road, Camp Area, Pune